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HOURBOOKS.COM is a media platform of books easily read in an hour that offer new ways of thinking and seeing – a 21st century curriculum beyond either-or.

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In an era of increasing inequality, intensifying climate catastrophes, and bitterly entrenched battles of us v. them, we believe that breakdown can lead to breakthrough. Powerful solutions arise when the best understanding of current science meets the wisdom of our spiritual traditions in caring for the whole. We can become...

“architects of the future, not its victims”
-- Buckminster Fuller

This is the mind and matter of Hourbooks. 

We once believed the story that the sun revolves around the earth.  We once believed that electrons are particles that revolve around the nucleus of an atom.  Now we understand that electrons show up as a wave or a particle depending on our point of view.  Now we know that our universe is interconnected and evolving.  This changes everything.

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In either print or e-book form, an Hourbook is long enough to learn something new and short enough for a commute, lunch hour, or bedtime read.
Benefits to Readers:

  • A go-to library of consistently good short reads
  • The joy of learning (it releases endorphins!)
  • A well-rounded education in hot topics

Benefits to Authors:

  • A flexible template and support for creating a book with maximum ease
  • A dedicated marketing team creating broad new audiences
  • Sharing the stage with a stellar cast of thought leaders

Benefits to Investors:

  • Investing in something you really care about
  • Being in real relationship with a business committed to fair practices
  • Transparency and a fair market return

There are other successful series of short books, such as the Oxford University Press A Short Introduction series, and also TED Books.  Hourbooks is unique in its commitment to a timely education in an interconnected and evolving world. We’re not just selling books,


  • Transforming minds
  • Starting a new conversation
  • Building a new community of thought
  • Shifting our mindset to a new vision of what is possible
The Tree of Good Knowledge
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